10 Most Anticipated Animes Releasing in 2024

Black Butler: Public School Edition: In the enchanting world of Black Butler, 2024 anime explores Victorian mysteries at Weston College, revealing secrets from volumes 14-18. Premieres in April.

Haikyu!! Movie: Battle of the Garbage Dump: Haikyu's sequel movie is a smash! Anticipate the epic Kurasuno vs. Nekoma match, hitting Japanese theaters on Feb 16, 2024.

Blue Lock-Episode Nagi: Blue Lock's thrilling Shonen legacy continues with a spin-off movie, premiering April 19, 2024, in Japan. Global release awaits announcement.

Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World-3: Konosuba's uproarious return in April 2024 promises wild new adventures. The third season trailer hints at hilarious chaos for Kazuma's party.

Atri: My Dear Moments: In a submerged world, Ikarugura Natsugi meets Atri, a robot girl. Bonded by gratitude, they navigate city life's challenges. Await the release!

Given Movie-Hiiragi Mix: Given, a tale of love and music, unveils a sequel movie in two parts. Part one, releasing Jan 27, delves into Hiiragi's emotional journey.

Sound! Euphonium 3: In April 2024, the anime blooms from Takeda Ayano's novel. Kumiko rekindles her musical passion in high school, anticipating Season 3's band journey.

Year Blood War– The Conflict: Bleach's grand finale unfolds in four captivating parts. Part 3, "The Conflict," announced for 2024, teases epic battles and surprises.

Dandadan: In 2024, a whimsical anime of Momo and Okarun unfolds, blending ghosts, monsters, aliens, and love. Release details await.

Kimi ni Todoke Season 3: Fans rejoice! After a decade, Netflix promises a sequel to the beloved Shojo classic. Original cast returns. Anticipate late 2024 release.