9 top-rated Timeless Sitcoms on OTT


Sitcoms, enduring classics like Friends, Modern Family, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, have captivated audiences with entertainment brilliance. They ingeniously reinvented concepts or introduced fresh ideas, staying binge-worthy for years. Discover the full list below.


Friends on Netflix: Iconic sitcom about six friends in Manhattan. Join their personal and professional escapades. Streaming now.


Suits a legal drama, unveils high-stakes cases. Join Harvey and Mike's compelling journey. Stream now on Netflix.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Hilarious police comedy. Join Jake Peralta and precinct in solving cases. Perfect for Netflix binging.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother: Engaging sitcom at 8.3 IMDb rating. Ted Mosby's quest for love. Stream on Disney+ Hotstar.

The Big Bang Theory

Explore science through The Big Bang Theory. Nerdy physicists and friends tackle life's challenges. Catch it on Netflix.

Modern Family

Modern Family, a sitcom intertwining three LA families, revolves around humor, relationships, and life's quirks. Stream on Disney+ Hotstar.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation: Leslie Knope leads Pawnee. Government satire. Featuring an ensemble cast. Stream on JioCinema.

The Office

Starring Steve Carell, The Office follows Scranton paper company employees. Critically acclaimed. Stream now on Netflix.

Schitt's Creek

Wealthy family loses all, moves to small town. Schitt's Creek chronicles their humbling journey. Stream on Netflix.