Definitely Know: 9 Surprising Benefits of Beer for Humans


Producer: Sandeep

You must have drank beer at some point or the other. Do you know about its health benefits? Let's know 9 Surprising Reasons Why Beer Isn't Just a Drink, It's a Nutrient-Rich Elixir for Health!

Prevent Cancer​

It is said that Beer's xanthohumol from hops aids in cancer prevention, rich in polyphenols effective against cancer, making it a potential ally.

Boost a Healthy Heart

It is said that Beer's vitamin B6 may prevent heart disease by inhibiting homocysteine buildup, demonstrating potential heart-protective properties.

Reduce Risk of Stroke

As per studies, moderate beer consumption may reduce stroke risk by up to 50%, potentially enhancing arterial flexibility and improving blood flow.

Reduce Risk of Kidney Stones

Research suggests beer's alcohol increases urine flow, and dilutes urine, potentially reducing kidney stone risk.

Cure Insomnia

As per researchers, Beer consumption boosts brain dopamine, promoting relaxation and sound sleep.

Reduce Risk of Diabetes

It is said that Beer's alcohol boosts insulin sensitivity, aiding in diabetes prevention, while its soluble fiber content helps control blood sugar levels.

Weight Loss

It is said that Xanthohumol, found in hops, may aid weight loss and reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Good for Bones

Beer's high silicon levels promote bone growth, potentially contributing to skeletal health and overall well-being.

Treat Cataract

As per studies, antioxidants in beer, especially ales and stouts, protect mitochondria, potentially reducing the risk of cataracts.