Explore 10 Popular Fruits Packed with High Sugar Content


Savoring fruits is a delight for health enthusiasts, yet some harbor surprising sugar levels. Discover these 10 sweet treats in moderation!

A single wedge of Watermelon bursts with 17 grams of juicy, natural sugars.

A single cup of Oranges offers a zesty treat with approximately 17 grams of natural sugars.

A cup of Cherries delivered 18-20 grams of succulent natural sugars.

A single medium Mango packs a sweet punch with 45 grams of natural sugar.

A medium Pomegranate pack with nearly 38.6 grams of delicious natural sugars.

Each medium-sized Fig packs a delicious punch with 10-12 grams of natural sugars.

One cup, of Strawberries, delivers a delightful dose of 7 grams of natural sweetness.

One cup of Green Grapes boasts a juicy bounty of 23 grams of natural sugars.

A medium-sized Banana carries a fruity delight with 14 grams of natural sugars.

A single medium Pear offers a delectable burst of 17 grams of naturally-occurring sugars.