Mental Health: 10 Signs of Depression



In today's world, depression and anxiety have become increasingly prevalent. Understanding the initial indicators of depression is essential to offer timely support to those in need. Let's explore these signs.

Feelings of Sadness and Loneliness

Depression often leads to prolonged periods of sadness and loneliness, lasting for weeks or even months.

Changes in Appetite and Weight

Depressive symptoms may trigger significant changes in appetite, causing weight loss or gain.

Fatigue and Low Energy

Unrelenting fatigue and low energy levels, even after a full night's rest, are characteristic of depression.

Lack of Interest in Work

Depression can result in a complete disinterest in activities and work.

Difficulty Concentrating

Depression can affect a person's ability to focus, make decisions, and remember details, impacting their productivity.

Sleep Disturbances

Sleep problems are common in depression, causing either insomnia or excessive sleep.

Increased Irritability

Depression may make individuals more irritable and prone to anger, even over minor issues.

Feelings of Guilt or Despair

Negative thoughts, feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and hopelessness are often experienced by those with depression.

Reduced Social Interaction

Depressed individuals tend to withdraw from social activities and isolate themselves from friends and family.

Thoughts of Death and Suicide

Constant thoughts of death and suicide are alarming symptoms of severe depression.