MUST WATCH: 10 Phenomenal Erotic Movies you should Watch with your Partner


Erotica transcends more than poronography. A story perhaps! The world of cinema has been inspired from the similar theme over the past years and we have been served with some of the most beautifully crafted eroticas of the filmy realm. Here are listed some.

Simple Passion

'Simple Passion' delves into a passionate affair between a professor and diplomat, exploring female desire and vulnerability. Perfect for couples.

Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine, a 2010 romantic drama, portrays a couple's journey from courtship to marriage dissolution.


'Exotica' delves into a dancer's life at a strip club, entangled with her ex, and a troubled patron, blending eroticism and psychology.

The Voyeurs

'The Voyeurs' is an enticing thriller where a couple's voyeuristic obsession with neighbors spirals into intrigue and danger. Keep privacy!

Fifty Shades of Grey

Anastasia's encounter with billionaire Christian Grey takes an unexpected turn, leading to a complex relationship blending passion, control, and boundaries.

PVT Chat

'PVT Chat' intertwines desire and obsession as a gambler engages in erotic encounters with a cam girl, blurring fantasy and reality.

9 Songs

'9 Songs' blazes with scorching passion as a student and scientist indulge in electrifying encounters at rock concerts. Watch with caution!

365 Days

'365 Days' traps a woman in a dangerous love affair with a mafia man, filled with dominance and thrills that leave you breathless.


'Benedetta' delves into a nun's haunting visions and forbidden romance, blending suspense and erotica for an enticing cinematic experience.

The Duke Of Burgundy

'The Duke of Burgundy' explores a sensual world of sadomasochistic love, where roles blur between mistress and maid. Perfect for a seductive weekend.