Top 5 animated movies to watch that will make you fall in love with Animation

ENCANTO (2021)

Release Date:

January 16, 2020

24 November 2021

In 2021, Disney's 60th animated feature, 'Encanto,' wowed audiences with its magical story, enchanting characters, and captivating music. Experience the enchantment of this heartwarming Colombian family's journey.

MOANA (2016)

Release Date:

23 November 2016

Disney's 2016 film 'Moana,' set in ancient Polynesia, follows the adventurous journey of Moana as she seeks the help of the demigod Maui to save her people and restore balance.

LUCK (2022)

Initial Date:

02 August 2022

Luck (2022) is a computer-animated fantasy comedy film about Sam Greenfield, the unluckiest person, who joins forces with Bob the cat to change her fortune in the Land of Luck.


Release Date:

05 March 2021

Raya and the Last Dragon (2021) is a Disney animated film featuring warrior princess Raya's quest to save Kumandra with the help of the last dragon, blending Southeast Asian cultural inspiration.

COCO (2017)

Release Date:

22 November 2017

Coco (2017) is a Pixar animated film celebrating Mexican culture and the Day of the Dead. It tells the story of Miguel, a boy transported to the Land of the Dead.